Glug glug glug.

by Katski

We are drowning in a sea of SAMENESS. And mediocrity has found its strongest ally yet–a dismal economy that annihilates any and all forms of creative risk. And the balance has been lost (if there ever was one) between the number of people who define success in monetary/material terms and the number of people who —don’t.

Yes, there are those in our midst who long for something new. Something groundbreaking and wonderful and authentic and different.  And they want to spread this and infect many people with the same fever, so they try they claw for space in the light and yes, the attempts to break out of the mold are laudable.There is no shortage of visionaries. But vision alone is never sufficient. And whoever said vision without action is delusion (I might be paraphrasing) is absolutely correct. That’s another thing we have in abundance, delusion.

When are we ever going to get  that any vision is only as strong as the foundation it stands on and that foundation is content?  To those holding the fat checks and indecent compromises, lightbulb alert: your action is your content. The meat. The MEAT. And this is where the problem lies. Because IT’S MISSING.

We don’t get it. Or we refuse to get it. And then we lament when it fails. We wonder what went wrong when it blows up in all our faces and we can only conveniently remember believing we were on the road to something “new” and “visionary”. What’s laughable is how we pat ourselves on the back and take comfort in the belief that “we tried our best and that is what counts” and “it’s the audience who are not ready for something new”.  Here’s an idea. Why don’t we just try honesty. Gather your minions in their witless finery and sit down to look at what went wrong, without blinders and without ego and be brave enough to admit that–plain and simple? IT JUST SUCKED. It failed not because Bebang didn’t get it, it failed because it was bad and Bebang knew better.

We keep believing it can be found somewhere else. We keep deluding ourselves into thinking that it’s enough to “make people happy” and “forget about their problems for a few hours” . Frankly I’m getting sick and tired of this drivel.

Those with the vision lack the material to pull it off. Those with the material who should be working with those with the vision are trapped in the factories that’s been housing them for so long they’ve likely forgotten where the exit door is (which is bad) or they haven’t forgotten, and they’re just too afraid to leave (which is worse) or they haven’t forgotten but they’re too self-satisfied to care (which is worst).

We are drowning.