(In Review: 2008) A Dangerous Year Ahead

by Katski

I could write a novel about the year that will soon come to pass.

But in the interest of brevity (a virtue which I hope to acquire someday) I will simply assess this year with one word: why.

2008 for me was definitely a year of/for asking “why?”.

So many whys from me,

so many whys thrown at me…

still being thrown at me…hayayay.

I have an answer now. I have an answer for all those who have been asking me. But more importantly, I have an answer for myself. And here it is.


Stripped of everything, what it all boils down to is: integrity.

Integrity, I’ve come to realize, is everything. Without it, I have nothing. Without it, whatever I do possess holds no real value.

Integrity is my true prime directive and the rock which holds the foundation upon which the character I want to be — is built. It is to me the keystone of genuine happiness, a single word that holds in its bosom a hundred or so more–love, freedom, faith, compassion, hope, strength, courage, grace, pride…

none of these may be had, nor its full and satisfying beauty be experienced, without integrity.

It defines the standards for what is and what isn’t right.

It determines the threshold for what we can take before we yield.

And even as we desire and fight for a world more tolerant of diversity, integrity is what keeps us in line, its tip the sharpest point of every good instinct and the needle of all our moral compasses — denied or otherwise.

I believe if nothing else, that integrity is the parent of all values. It’s not just one thread in the fabric, it’s the seam that holds all the other threads together.

And the strongest, the best among us find the fabric whole and intact up until their very last days on earth.

What a comforting blanket to wrap one’s soul with.

To leave with nothing else is enough.

To live with nothing else is glory.

And if it be true that 2009 is a year fraught with danger in the battle for this most precious of all virtues–

bring it. I claim it. 🙂
The best new year to everyone!