Erap Again

by Katski

people power

The man was convicted of  plunder. It’s a crime punishable by death.

The man was pardoned by GMA?  (and we are all in awe of the mandate that woman has ) Granted, she sits in the highest chair of the land (too bad it does nothing for her height, much as she has wrapped every limb around every  chair leg and has her teeth and nails dug in, with fingers toes and gums bleeding)…that said, GMA’s presidential pardon is not the country’s pardon.

Just because Cory said sorry doesn’t mean the nation is sorry.

If Erap wins, we truly will deserve what government we get.

*For the lot of you saying that he’s not the only President who stole from our coffers, he’s just the first stupid enough  to get caught…” – WHAT’S YOUR POINT?