30 Things

by Katski

…I Learned After 30 Years and 15 Days

1. Pink makes anyone look good.

2. Sometimes you can’t help being a phony. After all, the person you’re with may not be deserving of your true essence.

3. Nobody is 100% honest 100% of the time. Nobody.

4. Hold your ground. That’s the only way the Universe can validate your convictions or confirm your foolishness.

5. Neutrality is just another form of cowardice. But–

6. it’s not okay to judge.

7. It’s okay to judge. Sometimes it’s imperative.

8. Anger is exhausting but immediately satisfying. Forgiveness is painful but ultimately liberating. Choose your poison and deal.

9. I am incapable of not believing in God. But

10. I am incapable of subscribing to any religion.

11. I love my friends deeply. Even if I actually don’t like some of them.

12. Friendships sometimes reach a natural end. That’s okay.

13. You don’t need 2 eyes to see. But it sucks to be half-sighted when a movie like Avatar comes out.

14. When things are good, live in the present. Suck up the moment and drain it of its marrow. Then store the marrow so it’s like frozen fat in your brain. So that

15. when things are bad, you can live in the past until the marrow you’ve consumed runs out.

16. Imagine the future and live as if its the present. Because everyone and everything is eventually forgotten.

17. Look beyond the photographs. Life is not a series of moments. And besides

18. life almost always looks better and more meaningful on a photograph. Especially in monochrome.

19. Tolerate your detractors. It infuriates them.

20. You only need to master two skills in life. Listening (1) and making people listen (2). Knowing when to do what is the key to all things happy, peaceful and good.

21. When you want something, ask for it. Worst that could happen is nothing.

22. Be cautious with your trust. Because

23. when you decide to trust, trust completely. Same rule for love.

24. When faced with a choice to be passionately earnest or carefully calculated, choose to be earnestly calculated.

25. First, do no harm, to self, others and the planet. Then, do whatever you want.

26. Always ask for a receipt.

27. There’s no shame in quitting. There’s no glory in it either. But who wants glory when you’re too tired to enjoy it.

28. Everything is a decision.

29. People don’t change. You do.

30. Always make resolutions on a Friday to take effect on Monday. You need the 2 day weekend to purge.