25 Things

by Katski

1. I like dipping french fries in vanilla ice cream. Ketchup will do if the ice cream isn’t available.

2. I’m scared of turkeys…and generally all large land-loving birds that run really fast and go after innocent bystanders like me.

3.  I can pee standing up. Very neatly. Useful skill to have when you need to go in … questionable places to relieve yourself.

4. I am a Trekkie (Voyager and TNG only, including the novels). I dream of living in the age of the United Federation of Planets. I want to be a Betazoid. I would love to travel with Guinan across the universe and discover all her secrets. Peter David rocks.

5. I like sleeping in a car. I think this is something I carried over from my soap opera days when the hours I kept were so insane the most comfortable place for me to sleep was in the backseat of a car. Now when I come home late and I’ve fallen asleep and Manong wakes me up to go inside the house … I grumble.

6. I believe people generally start forming their lifetime circles of trust (the people who will always be treated differently from the rest of the pack and will see you for exactly what and who you are) between the ages of 13-21 and finish forming them between the ages of 25-30. And that’s it.

7. I am drawn to passion, intimidated by intelligence and undone with humility.

8. I like wearing books down. When I buy a new book and I have to stop reading, I pause to consider if I should memorize the page number or fold the page as a natural bookmarker. Then I make a deliberate, conscious choice to fold it and get an immense satisfaction knowing that I’ve helped the book become its true self.

<span style=”text-decoration:line-through;”>9. I have never seen an Ateneo – La Salle (basketball) game live. Since I am an Atenean this is supposedly a capital crime. Don’t really care much for UAAP. But I love it that we won last year. ;)</span>

10. I am what the situation demands me to be. But I’m consistently honest.

11. I have never seen The Godfather (any of the 3), Sound of Music and Star Wars 4, 5 &amp; 6. I remember seeing Star Wars 2…can’t remember much.

12. I sometimes think I peaked too early. And I am seriously considering retiring the pen soon.

13. I miss performing. I am first and last, an actor. I count signing up for TA as the definitive crossroad of my life.

14. If I hadn’t gotten sick as a child and gained all the steroid weight, I would most likely be a dancer.

15. I can’t drive. I don’t know how to ride a bike. But I swim rather well. :p

16. I am slow to anger. But I have a temper that needs to be checked by a shrink.

17. I HATE tardiness. And spinelessness. And worms. And flying cockroaches. But really, try not to be late. It is a measure of my love for you if I wait for you for more than half an hour, you inconsiderate b!!#@tch. 🙂

18. I care about what other people think more than I actually let on. And I don’t show it but I scar rather easily. 🙂

19. I don’t know everybody on my Facebook friends list. One day I will get around to de-cluttering it.

20. I am pro-choice. I suspect more women in this country are too.

21. The year I made my first film is the best and worst year of my life. It also made me love my family more, enlightened me about people and showed me who my true friends were.

22. I fight the good fight…most of the time. 🙂

23. I am a secret keeper. I have a knack for getting people to talk about stuff they wouldn’t reveal to closer friends or family. But I am discreet when and where it counts.

24. I lost my right eye last year. She died. I call my left eye George. We’re really good friends. 🙂

25. I disappear when I have a deadline.