In Review: 2011

by Katski

Last year, I…directed my first soap opera which got axed after 6 weeks,reunited friends,forgave a friend,ended a friendship,fell in love,got my heart broken, slept in Cebu, tried their famous CNT lechon (mas masarap ang Elar’s), experienced Pahiyas,had a flying frog land on my head which sent me screaming and left my friends in stitches,got lost in HK with 37 kilos of film reels,marketed Zombadings online,crossed,burned and built a few bridges,signed a contract,got back to theater,got my NBI clearance after discovering I had a namesake with a record,bought tickets to Beijing-wasn’t able to use them-almost got killed in Palawan,started a new soap opera,saw a ghost and caught Dengue.I had an epic 2011 and learned to stop planning–well, not too much at least. 😀 Happy New Year to everyone! I wish you deeper pockets, fuller stomachs and bigger hearts. Cheers to living every year like it’s the last. 🙂