In Review: 2012

by Katski

2012 is a life defining year and a book all on its own. What a relief it is to realize that I could still be so consumed. This year showed me just how far from jaded i still am. To be in my profession, living in these times, in this country, that insight is an incredible gift.

This year I…begged an immigration officer in Germany to let my 13 soap companions cut the lines so we could all run to catch a flight to Vienna, shot in Vienna like I owned that city, caught the most beautiful sunset in Salzburg, walked around a gorgeous cemetery in Tokyo, shot guerilla style and ran away from some Japanese police, got drenched in mud, hired and fired and got tired, ate too much, smoked too much, drank too little, WROTE too little and did not do any theater work at all. I lost my faith in people which other people restored, renewed broken ties, got pies thrown in my face and threw some bigger pies of my own. I held my ground, tasted Integrity, fought with a big star, took all the high roads and got lost, said goodbye to my dad and fought the good fight in a way that would make him proud.

This was by far the best and the worst year of my 33 years and I loved every great/miserable/wonderful minute of it.

I say goodbye to a year of magnificent love, terrible heartbreak, unfathomable kindness, astonishing cruelty, gut-wrenching insight and overflowing passion. I am consistently surprised by how deep the rabbit hole goes, but let me take a grateful breath as i pause in this adventure to wish all of you a 2013 that simply … responds.