Confused Convictions

by Katski

If Pope Francis dressed as an ordinary man, went to a podium and spoke about his views on homosexuality and contraception, he would be vilified by the very people on my social media feeds currently rejoicing that he has been elected leader of the world’s most popular religion.

The initial hope of finding out the conclave elected a Jesuit (I’m biased) was short-lived after I read up a bit about his views.

This is a man who believes allowing a gay couple to adopt a child is an abomination.

I’ve long since left Catholicism, so my confusion remains with my peers and beloveds, who are just so happy at the election of a man who seems even more backwards than his predecessor about some of the most defining issues of our times. But then…I have no ill will towards the new Pope, you would expect him to have those views.

I am confused about the integrity of his flock.

I wish you luck, Pope Francis, in shepherding those who go to church and disobey most of your laws, pray for your good health yet are selective in their belief about your own infallibility. Good luck with them whose convictions about their faith are as strong as the need to have something convenient to write in application forms. Most of all, good luck staying relevant in this world. I cannot support you as that would make a hypocrite out of me and my beliefs, my unwavering support of the RH bill and my unqualified, unconditional, I-will-fight-with-you love for all my homosexual friends. (And I don’t mean the love the sinner not the sin kind of love.)