The Knight

by Katski

Heartbreak is something that you never completely heal from. It becomes a part of you like a scar-an irrefutable proof of wounding, that something once took root so deeply a fissure was created when it was yanked out. You don’t forget because you can’t because the scar is always there; it may fade in time but it will never disappear.

What you hope for and move towards is the acceptance of this fact and the beauty it adds to your experience of life. In this way it becomes a truth, that the only way to get over a broken heart is to embrace its permanence. You don’t get over heartbreak, you learn to live with it and carry it forever. You take it with you and it transforms into heart armour.

It could manifest as cynicism, bitterness or a quiet kind of despair that leaves no room for the possibility of ever loving again.

Or it could manifest as a knight, shielding your heart gallantly but standing only to the side. Your heart is wiser now, so it employs this honourable guard, this dragon slayer at the gate. Your heart is fuller because of this knight’s presence and more cautious. Your heart seeks its counsel often, for the first time.

There is a gate now, and this knight holds the key. But it is and can still be opened.