by Katski

This year I performed in 4 plays, directed one, sold plants at a bazaar, learned that plants have feelings, took up knitting, i don’t know why, wrote a new pilot about a virgin taking on multiple lovers, then acted in an indie film as a puritanical nun. I finished the script for my next film, trashed it, started outlining a book, loving it. I wrote 7 poems, signed up for the first time at an open mic organized by students–chickened out last minute–pitched a series to international producers and used the word pussy, was told that was the best thing they’ve heard that day.

So when I gave a talk on how to pitch I told students to watch their language in front of executives, except when they’re foreigners in which case go to fucking town.

I started fires, put out some, held a friend’s hand through darkness and got held back in return.

I did a short film, produced a music video and cautiously returned to my tribe, one tiny step at a time. I had my last two eye surgeries and George and Mary are getting along well.

I got hold of some truths,

got inspired,

got built,

got blindsided,

got destroyed,

got up,

got back in the game.

2015, you were quietly magnificent. In your joy, your grief, your regret, your insight and your hard-won, unsteady peace. Thank you for moving me. Let’s keep moving. Cheers to 2016. Salute. ❤️